Do electrons radiate all the time?


Seriously! The question in the title is not rhetorical. I cannot really answer the question. All I have is a bunch of ideas on electromagnetism. Anyone has any answers or simply wants to tell me, ‘your ideas are stupid’, please do, in the comments below.

Since the electromagnetic force is propagated by photons, is it possible to detect these photons and measure their characteristics(wavelength for example). Also is there a radiation pressure associated with each photon? Photons can interact with each other, so can the repulsion between 2 electrons be understood as the radiations from both “pushing” one another at the “mid-point” between them?
But if an electron continuously radiates then it should constantly lose mass. But isnt the mass of an electron a fundamental quantity?

Maybe photons given out by electrons are somehow different from those released by positive particles. Every electron while radiating energy into space constantly receives…

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